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Estate Planning

Choosing an attorney-in-fact

Choosing an attorney-in-fact in California can impact the experience that you have in the last months or years of your life, and it can have an impact on the experiences of your children and other family members. If you're unsure of how to undergo the process, there...

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Is a Living Trust Appropriate for a Californian? If I Form One, Do I Still Need a Will?

As most California lawyers and estate planning attorneys would likely state, estate plans are necessary to protect not only your assets and the things you have worked for, but also your goals. While there are many ways for an individual to achieve their estate planning goals, an organized and meticulous approach should guide the process. In doing so, the potential…

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How Are Trustees Paid?

A common issue that comes up in trust administration matters is whether a successor trustee will be paid for serving as the successor trustee, and if so, how much? As with most trust administration issues, the answer lies in the trust document itself. Most trusts contain language which specifically authorizes payment to a successor trustee for performing services as trustee.…

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Latest Update on Heggstad Petitions

As discussed in our blog on Heggstad petitions, revocable living trusts may be funded from property that is not identified by deed or otherwise titled as assets of the trust by filing a petition with the Probate Court, which seeks an order declaring that the unidentified property shall be assets of the trust. With the court order in hand, the…

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