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Probate Litigation

Small Estate Probates

In California, there are two formal probate procedures—one for estates valued at more than $150,000 (Regular Probate) and one for estates valued at $150,000 or less (Small Estate Probates). For further questions or concerns about estate planning, contact a Roseville estate planning attorney of . Process and Procedures for Estate Probates The process and procedures for a Small Estate Probate,…

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Short-Circuiting Probate With Heggstad Petitions in California

The reason most people use revocable living trusts is to avoid probate. However, if the trust is not properly funded, a probate may be necessary under the terms of the pour-over will. Is a probate required when assets like real property or bank accounts are not funded into the trust? It depends. Unsure about trusts and estate planning? Contact a Roseville estate planning…

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