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Elk Grove Tax Audit Attorney

Tax audits are intrusive, intimidating, and time-consuming.  No one wants to think about them until they show up at your door.  Even if you filed honestly and have nothing to hide, you could still get a letter in the mail one day notifying you of the IRS’ plans to investigate your finances.  Whether you are concerned about the prospect of a tax audit or are already facing one, knowing the basics can go a long way towards resolving your issues quickly and painlessly.

No two tax audits are the same.  They vary depending on the target of the investigation and the resources available to the IRS.  How long your audit takes to conclude will depend on the type of audit conducted and how well you comply with the government requests.  While having an accountant can be helpful, we strongly recommend that you consult an Elk Grove tax audit attorney.  Tax audit attorneys can help you through the audit and appeals process while keeping your case confidential to preserve your privacy.

NewPoint Law Group, LLP is your one-stop shop for experienced, resourceful tax audit defense.  Our Elk Grove tax audit lawyers have years of experience standing by our clients so that they can avoid the pressure of dealing with a government tax audit alone.  Call us today at 800-358-0305 to hear about all the ways that we can help you prevent or deal with an audit.

Types of Tax Audits in Elk Grove, CA

There are three different types of tax audits: mail audits, office audits, and field audits.  Each is unique in its requirements, timetable, and severity.  Identifying which form of tax audit that you will face is critical to preparing your defenses.  No matter what, you can improve your chances of a favorable outcome with the help of the Elk Grove tax audit attorneys at NewPoint Law Group, LLP.

Mail Audits

Mail audits get their name because they do not require any face-to-face contact with your auditor.  Mail audits are the least complicated and most friendly of the three kinds of audit.  By opening a mail audit, the IRS is most likely concerned about one or two aspects of your return.  These concerns can typically be resolved by sending additional documents that will verify the information on your return.  You can expect a mail audit to resolve within three to six months of notification, depending on how well you comply with the requests.

Office Audits

If you are notified that you are the subject of an office audit, you will be required to do more than mail some supplementary documents.  Mail audits are conducted in-person at your closest IRS office.  On the date specified on the notification letter, you will be asked to bring supplementary documentation of your financials to the office and most likely answer some questions for audit officers.  You may have your Elk Grove tax audit lawyer present with you at the office audit.  These matters tend to take three to six months to finalize but can easily take longer if you fail to comply with the IRS office’s requests for information.

Field Audits

In a field audit, the IRS audit officers come to you.  Field audits are the broadest type of investigative actions that the IRS takes and are usually reserved for extremely complicated situations, businesses, or instances where the IRS strongly suspects willful tax evasion.  You should have all information prepared and available ahead of your field audit.  Expect the officers to examine all of it thoroughly.  Field audits may take a year or more to resolve.

Why You Should Hire an Elk Grove Tax Audit Attorney Over a CPA for a Tax Audit

If you are facing an audit, your first instinct might be to seek out an accountant.  After all, tax problems deserve a tax professional.  But you might be looking for the wrong type of tax professional.  An Elk Grove tax audit lawyer will be able to help you in a number of ways that a CPA cannot.  While an accountant is always good to have, the best defense requires the eyes of a seasoned attorney.

Experience with Legal Procedures

The terminology involved with the legal process of an audit can be intimidating.  An experienced Elk Grove tax audit attorney will be able to tell when an audit has the potential to uncover information that could be damaging or even lead to criminal charges.  Accountants are good at preparing returns, but they do not always have the requisite experience or knowledge of the legal processes by which audits are conducted.

Attorney-Client Privilege

If you are being audited, you may not enjoy the freedom to disclose everything to your accountant.  An attorney enjoys the privilege of confidentiality in all conversations with their clients, including emails and text messages.  Having the ability to speak freely with your attorney can greatly aid their ability to do their job and protect you from the negative consequences of an audit.  It can also be stress-reducing to talk openly about your situation and the impending audit.

Appealing and Reducing Penalties

While an accountant can prepare and file your taxes for you, a lawyer can work with you during and after an audit.  If you receive an unfavorable audit result, you have the ability to appeal the decision to an arbitrator or a court if necessary.  Auditors are people, too, and they are just as capable of mistakes as anyone else.  If your auditors make errors or misrepresent the facts of your case, your Elk Grove tax audit lawyer will recognize this and help you right the record.

Hire an Elk Grove Tax Audit Attorney Today

When the government comes to check up on your finances, you have to be prepared.  The best first step that you can take is to speak to one of the Elk Grove tax audit lawyers at NewPoint Law Group, LLP.  Call us today to hear about our services at 800-358-0305.

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