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Vacaville, CA Real Estate Attorney

We all deal with issues of real property law in our everyday life.  Whether you are a landlord or tenant, creditor or debtor, individual or small business owner, having an experienced Vacaville real estate lawyer on your side can help you accomplish all of your goals.

Our lawyers are familiar with a variety of real estate law issues, such as land sale transactions, lease agreements, title disputes, tax issues, and eviction processes.  If you are involved in a real estate dispute, we can help you achieve the best remedy available under the circumstances, whether that be enforcement of an underlying agreement, an equitable breach, or specific performance of the terms in dispute.  Even if you are not already engaged in a dispute, it can be critical to have legal counsel when drafting and executing any real property transactions, as even a small mistake can ultimately lead to troublesome litigation.

At NewPoint Law Group, LLP, we have been working with clients just like you for years to simplify the tricky world of California real estate law.  No matter what issue you may have, you deserve the experience and diligence of our Vacaville real estate attorneys.  Call 800-358-0305 today to schedule your initial consultation for no charge.

Property Taxes in Vacaville, CA

To understand the complicated property tax code in Vacaville, you must first be familiar with the critical legislation, most notably Proposition 13.  Under Proposition 13, which has been in effect since 1978, property tax rate increases are constitutionally limited absent a sale to a third party on the open market.  This means that a house that has been held by one owner for many years will be taxed very differently than one that has recently been sold to an outside party.  Once the property is transferred, the value of the property is reassessed to determine the total tax liability.

Transfers of real estate property to children and grandchildren are the notable exception to the assessment rule.  A parent may transfer title of a property to a child in Vacaville without triggering a reassessment of the property for tax purposes.  Grandparents may do the same with grandchildren if the parents of the grandchildren are deceased at the time of transfer.

Other exceptions to the assessment requirement may apply in the following situations:

  • Transfer from individual to estate planning trust

  • Transfer for financing

  • Transfer from spouse to spouse

  • Transfer between co-owners of jointly held real property

However, the transfer exceptions do not automatically apply.  Our Vacaville real estate attorneys can help you file your excepted transfer in a timely and accurate fashion with the appropriate government body.

Our lawyers can also evaluate any potential real estate purchase that you are contemplating to determine whether the seller has good title to the real property.  If you purchase title from a seller that is not valid or that they do not properly own, you could wind up in a complicated court battle.  It is critical that you have the help of a seasoned Vacaville real estate attorney before wading into these complex issues.

Commercial Leases in Vacaville, CA

Whether you are considering entering into a commercial lease agreement or have issues with a lease that you are currently in, you can benefit from the seasoned eye of one of our Vacaville real estate attorneys.  Letting commercial lease issues fester can have a substantial impact on the functionality and profitability of your Vacaville small business.

When evaluating a drafted lease agreement, your attorney will be looking out for several key areas that will impact the use of the lease.  Use is a complicated concept in real property leases.  The terms that outline use will set the standard for what the tenant is allowed to do in the space.  This includes their business practices, alterations that can be made to the space, and exclusivity of use from other tenants or the owner themselves.

Commercial lease agreements will also contain the terms that dictate the proper payment of rent.  Effective language will indicate clearly the amount of rent owed and the proper time and method for payment.  In the instance of a failure to pay rent, the terms of the lease should also be explicit on the owner’s available recourse.

Signing a commercial lease that is vague in any of these areas opens the door for a lengthy and complicated dispute that could wind up in court.  In that case, your real estate situation could become very unpredictable, which could hurt your small business.  Our Vacaville real estate lawyers can review the language of your agreement so that you have every opportunity to avoid such an eventuality.

Eviction in Vacaville, CA

Any eviction action in Vacaville will be complicated due to California state law.  To properly evict a tenant, the landlord must be able to show a legally valid reason, such as failure to pay rent or violation of the lease terms.  There are strict timeline and notification requirements in California that landlords must adhere to when attempting to evict a tenant.  If you make one mistake, you will have to start all over again.

For instance, a landlord must not accept payment from a tenant during the eviction process.  Landlords may not enter the property without 24-hour notice unless in the case of an emergency.  A landlord cannot turn off utilities in the rental property or remove personal belongings from the property without adhering to the relevant statutory requirements.  Resending notice to a tenant restarts the clock for eviction.

Avoid all of these difficult restrictions on your ability to evict a non-paying or breaching tenant by working with one of our knowledgeable Vacaville real estate attorneys today.

Having Legal Real Estate Issues in Vacaville? Call Us Today

The Vacaville real estate attorneys at NewPoint Law Group, LLP are waiting to assist you with any legal questions or concerns about your real estate issues.  To schedule a free initial consultation, call us today at 800-358-0305.

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