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Our Tax, Business, Estate Law, and Real Estate Lawyers provide strategic advice and litigation services that address issues that arise in the real-world lives of our clients.

A Modern Approach to Law

NewPoint Law Group, LLP, is a law firm focusing on estate planning, business law, tax law, and real estate. Our attorneys and legal staff are devoted to providing our clients with the unique legal representation needed to achieve their goals. We can represent you in several legal issues, from international tax law issues and fundamental estate planning to issues regarding landlord-tenant law. The NewPoint Law Group, LLP, has collaborated with residents and business owners of Roseville, Folsom, Huntington Beach, and various areas across California and is dedicated to continuing to provide legal services to our community for years to come.

Unique Legal Guidance and Advocacy

Focused on Achieving your Goals

Across our practice, we breathe new life into the practice of law. You will have access to your lawyer, without a system of gatekeeping between you and your attorney. We get to know clients above and beyond the direct legal matter at stake to help ensure that the legal strategies are in line with each client’s goals. Similarly, we explain the pros and cons of the possible legal options, including a cost-benefit analysis to allow clients to make choices with sufficient information. Moreover, our team of lawyers have a wealth of experience and knowledge that may apply cross-functionally to inform our legal strategy in a particular case. That collective experience and knowledge allows us to provide you with well-informed guidance regarding legal options in business, federal and California tax law, estate planning and real estate matters, as well as complex litigation.

Thorough Engagement

To Fully Address Your Legal Issues

Tax Law

Business Law

Business Litigation

Real Estate

Estate Planning

Probate and Estate Litigation

Practice Areas

Our lawyers are well-versed in a number of legal topics. Business management, tax liabilities, estates and trusts, and bankruptcy are some of the legal issues that we are ready to help you tackle. With decades of combined legal experience in diverse topics, we are prepared to listen to your concerns and formulate a legal strategy tailored to your needs. Contact the NewPoint Law Group, LLP, at 800-358-0305 to have a confidential legal consultation with one of our experienced lawyers to discuss your legal matter.

Meet our Attorneys

Daniel J. Griffin Esq.

Stephan M. Brown Esq.

Corey A. Hall Esq.

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2408 Professional Drive Suite 100
Roseville, CA 95661


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