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Estate Planning

Estate planning involves more than a simple boilerplate trust document. On the contrary, a good estate planning attorney has experience in several related areas of the law. In the realm of estate planning, the attorneys at NewPoint Law Group, LLP, are well-versed in fundamental estate planning, asset protection, probate administration, probate litigation, trust administration, and trust litigation, in addition to real property law, business law, and tax law.

While NewPoint Law Group, LLP, offers a la carte preparation of individual estate planning documents such as a trust, will, powers of attorney, etc., it is generally advisable to have an estate planning package that includes a trust, pour-over will, durable power of attorney, advance health care directive, and a HIPAA authorization. NewPoint Law Group, LLP, can design an estate plan that meets your present and future needs and preserves your assets during your lifetime and for the benefit of your family, friends, and favorite charities according to your wishes.

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