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5 reasons that renters move

There are various reasons for California renters to move out of their homes. While many of these reasons are entirely out of their control, renters often move based on personal preference. Understanding these reasons allows landlords to understand better what their tenants are looking for in a home.

Rent is too high

Perhaps the most important thing on the list of tenant matters is rent. No matter how nice a property is, people won’t want to rent it if the monthly rent is too high. This becomes even more of a problem for renters who suffer a job loss or a reduction in their pay.

Outgrowing the space

Some renters move out of a place because they outgrow the space. Getting married, having children, purchasing a pet, and other life events often lead to renters needing more room.

Needing less space

Conversely, some people move out of a home or apartment because they need less space. When a couple divorces or a child moves away from home, people don’t need as much room as they once required.


There is nothing a tenant or landlord can do to avoid needing a tenant to relocate. When a tenant gets a new job, they may have to relocate. Additionally, family emergencies and other events create a need for some renters to move closer to their families.

Problems with maintenance

Depending on the terminology in the lease, landlords typically assume responsibility for the maintenance of a rented property. If the landlords does not address issues promptly, tenants may tire of clogged drains, leaky roofs and other maintenance issues.

There are countless reasons for a tenant to leave a property. Landlords can take steps to cut down on some of those reasons while others are out of control.

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