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Real Estate FAQs

Do You Have Questions About Real Estate Law?

Real estate transactions and disputes are immensely significant, as they usually involve substantial assets. For your real estate law needs, you can rely on NewPoint Law Group, LLP. We serve clients in Roseville, Folsom, Huntington Beach and the surrounding counties with all issues related to real estate, including transactions, property taxes, leases and more. On this page, we have taken a moment to address some frequently asked real estate law questions.

Can a party seek specific performance to resolve a real estate dispute?

Real property transactions are unique in the world of law. Often, damages are not an applicable solution to real property disputes. Instead, a signatory can seek specific performance as a remedy.

What can I do if I find a defect on a recently purchased property in California?

Your first step should be to hire a real estate attorney who can review the real estate transfer disclosure. If the seller failed to disclose a known defect, they may be liable for your damages. Nondisclosure of a defect is a common source of litigation for buyers and sellers, both in residential and commercial real estate transactions.

What is unlawful detainer in California?

Unlawful detainer is a court process that allows a landlord to forcibly evict a tenant. It is sometimes the only way to remove a delinquent tenant, though the process is complex.

What does “time is of the essence” mean in a real estate contract?

In real estate development, fulfillment of a certain duty on time can make or break a project. To ensure a speedy process, many contracts contain a “time is of the essence” clause. It allows one party to cancel the contract or declare the other party in breach of contract if a certain duty is not fulfilled quickly enough.

Receive Detailed Answers In A Free Consultation

These are only a few questions that we hear regarding the complex world of real estate. You can ask more when you sit down with one of our lawyers for a free initial consultation. To schedule yours, please call us at 800-358-0305 or send us an email.

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