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Elk Grove, CA Real Estate Attorney

Whether you are buying, selling, or leasing, real estate transactions can be some of the most important and stressful processes for anyone in California.  There are plenty of moving pieces that must be carefully monitored, such as negotiating terms of sale, securing financing, and identifying critical legal issues regarding the property, such as easements or covenants.  With so many complexities, it is always helpful to involve an attorney.

Real estate attorneys can ensure that you avoid any hidden issues that may hinder your real estate transaction.  Having the eyes of a qualified Elk Grove property lawyer can be critical for early identification and resolution of troublesome complications such as defective title, tax liens, or other disclosure issues.  If there is a dispute between buyer and seller, attorneys may be able to achieve specific performance as a remedy.

No matter what aspect of real estate law you are struggling with, NewPoint Law Group, LLP can help provide a solution.  Our Elk Grove real estate lawyers have been helping our clients achieve their property goals for years.  To set up a case consultation, call 800-358-0305.

Lawyer for Property Taxes in Elk Grove, CA

Whenever real property is transferred or sold in California, the action typically triggers a reassessment of the market value of the property for tax purposes.  However, certain statutory exceptions allow owners to avoid negative tax consequences.  Exceptions may include transfers between parents and children or grandparents and children, transfers into trusts, and transfers of jointly held real property.  Successfully avoiding unnecessary tax burdens on real estate is a job for our professionals, who understand the intricacies of real property taxes.

In some circumstances, the best method for avoiding taxes on a property transaction is by using a trust.  A trust is a tool controlled by the intent of the person who establishes the trust, and it holds and distributes assets according to that intent.  Trusts are governed by California laws that are difficult to interpret.  You will want the help of an Elk Grove real estate lawyer when drafting and creating a trust that helps with your property taxes.

If you hope to avoid the negative property tax consequences associated with a real property transfer, it is critical that you enlist the help of one of our trusted Elk Grove real estate attorneys.

Nondisclosure of Defects of Real Property in Elk Grove, CA

When real property is transferred as part of a sale, the seller must make the buyer aware of any material defects that they know or should reasonably discover upon inspection.  If a buyer closes on a real estate purchase agreement without all of the relevant information, the consequences can be costly or even destructive.

An experienced Elk Grove real estate attorney will help the purchasing client enact contingencies on the purchase that will require thorough inspection of the property for defective conditions.  If you purchased a property from a party that failed to properly disclose defects that they knew or should have known existed, an attorney can help you with the litigation process.  Through litigation, buyers may attempt to recover monetary damages to repair the defect or, if knowledge of the defect would have impacted the buyer’s decision to close, to potentially reverse the purchase entirely.

Landlord-Tenant Law in Elk Grove, CA

Whether commercial or residential, anyone who enters into a lease agreement for real property in California should understand their rights and responsibilities.  If a tenant breaks the terms of a written lease, the landlord could attempt to retake control of the property as soon as possible.

Commercial Lease Disputes

Commercial lease agreements for real property are often extensive and packed with legalese that can confuse even the most sophisticated business minds.  For the sake of your business, you should always use an attorney to go through any potential lease agreements that you or your business is entertaining.

A commercial lease will typically contain provisions that determine when, how, and by whom the property may be used.  For instance, most commercial leases will contain language that limits the commercial tenant’s ability to make changes to the structure and layout of the physical property, as well as whether the tenant will enjoy exclusive use of the leased space.  Before signing a lease, you should ask an attorney how these restrictions will affect your ability to use the space as you planned.

Eviction and Unlawful Detainer

Eviction law in California heavily favors the tenant.  In order to be successful in an eviction action, the landlord must remain in strict compliance with all jurisdictional rules and procedures, which can be convoluted and misleading.  One wrong step can force a landlord to restart the entire process.  In a system that is already so delayed due to case overload, many landlords cannot afford such a mistake.

Getting the assistance of legal counsel can be invaluable for ensuring an optimal eviction result.  Landlords with tenants who are unwilling or unable to pay their rent as required by the lease must engage in “unlawful detainer,” a process with which an experienced Elk Grove real estate attorney will already be familiar.  Winning an unlawful detainer is the only method of legal eviction available to Elk Grove landlords.

Solve Your Legal Real Estate Problems with an Elk Grove Attorney Today

Issues such as real estate are too serious and too expensive to take lightly.  To secure the counsel of the respected Elk Grove real estate attorneys at NewPoint Law Group, LLP, call 800-358-0305 today.

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