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Folsom Real Estate Transaction Dispute Lawyers

Disputes over property, parcels of land, or a particular lease or use for premises are not uncommon. However, unlike many other types of property like commodities or manufactured goods, the inherent nature of property often means that all needs and goals cannot be satisfied. As such, the prevailing party will have the right and opportunity to use the property or premises for their goals or ends while the other party will be forced to seek alternate arrangements. Unfortunately, in some case, there may not be a good second option for the business or individual due to certain inherent characteristics of the property.  For instance, a business plan may have been developed that accounts for and is dependent on certain unique features or aspects of the property being available. In other cases, another tenant or nearby landowner’s actual or planned use of their property may threaten your enjoyment and use of your property.

If you are facing a serious real estate dispute involving a lease, zoning, eminent domain regulatory takings, or other real estate issues and concerns the experienced lawyers at the NewPoint Law Group, LLP, can help. Our legal team approaches all matters strategically and considers your practical and legal goals before taking any action. To schedule a confidential, free initial consultation call our firm at 800-358-0305 or contact our firm online today.

Real Estate Attorneys Handle a Broad Array of Disputes

Real estate transactions and execution of lease agreements are often anxiety-filled times where the involved parties worry about potential things that can go wrong with the transaction. While most real estate transactions proceed smoothly and without significant disputes, other transactions may run into issues and disputes. In some cases, the parties may have derived different meanings from the same language. In other cases, an unforeseen financial reversal or change in circumstances may upset the underlying basis for the deal. One or both parties may seek assurances or modifications to the terms of the deal. In situations like these, working with an experienced lawyer who understands the damages you or your company are likely to face can make the difference between a reasonable resolution and facing catastrophic losses.

Our experienced real estate and property lawyers can handle an array of disputes including:

  • Negotiations for the sale, lease, or transfer of property – negotiating and arranging for the use of a particular property or premises can be a difficult, time-consuming, and anxiety-inducing affair. Individuals who do not regularly negotiate contracts of this type may fear errors that compromise their negotiating position or their goals. Our experienced team can negotiate a lease or transfer of property on your behalf.

  • Escrow disputes – Many real estate transfers make use of a third-party escrow service to provide protection to both the buyer and seller. Parties that make use of an escrow service must provide agreed-upon escrow instructions.  We can work to ensure that the instructions are sufficient and clear. Furthermore, we can handle any disputes that may arise through the escrow process.

  • Anticipatory breach – When one party explicitly states that they will not perform the contract or gives reason to make the other party question its ability or commitment to its obligations, an anticipatory breach has occurred. Our team can help assess your options and potential damages when facing an anticipatory breach.

  • Property boundary disputes – While most titles, deeds, and other documents pertaining to real property are accurate and reliable, rare oversights do occur. In some instances, these mistakes can lead people to build on land that they do not own or control. In other circumstances, the landowner may take action prior to reviewing records. We can assist with difficult situations of this type.

  • Eminent domain and regulatory takings – Eminent domain is a legal term that is widely known and often feared due to its abuse. However, eminent domain is a valid government power provided that the taking is compensated and other requirements are met. Our attorneys can ensure that all legal requirements are met regarding any proposed regulatory taking. We can also work to maximize the compensation you receive for the taking.

The above represents only a selection of the real estate matters our experienced team can handle. We can also assist with nonresponsive landlords, problem tenants, constructive evictions, lease disputes, and many other real estate problems and concerns.

Rely on Our Experienced Real Estate Attorneys

If you are facing a real estate dispute or are already litigating a matter involving a lease or the transfer of property our experienced attorneys can help. To schedule a free and confidential real estate dispute consultation call the Folsom real estate transaction dispute lawyers of NewPoint Law Group, LLP, at 800-358-0305 or contact us online today.

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