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Roseville and Sacramento Business Lawyers

Business law is a broad field that deals with everything in a business’s lifespan, including the formation of your company, duties of the board of trustees and upper management, legal issues within your business, legal issues between your business and others, and disputes between employees and employers. If you own a business in the Roseville or Sacramento area or you are considering starting one, talk to an attorney.

The Roseville and Sacramento business law attorneys at the NewPoint Law Group, LLP, may be able to help you with whatever legal issues your business comes across. For a free consultation with our experienced business law attorneys, call our law offices today at 800-358-0305.

Areas of Practice for Business Law

As mentioned, business law attorneys need to be well-versed in a broad range of topics. Whether you are just starting a company or already own a company, whether you have five employees or 50, and whether your issues are internal or external, our lawyers may be able to help.

Establishing your company as a business entity is the first step in running any business. Depending on what your business does, how it deals with others, how many people own the company, and who is in charge of decisions, you may have options on what type of business entity to form. Owning a company as a sole proprietorship may be your best option for a very small business. The same is true for a partnership if you own the company alongside business partners.

However, in many cases, the best choice is to establish the business as its own entity. This may mean choosing to create a corporation, an LLC (limited liability corporation), LLP (limited liability partnership), or some other type of entity. Choosing the right entity can help insulate you from lawsuits, debts, and other issues your business may come across.

Disputes between management and owners, investors and management, or between employers and employees can be recurring issues that drag your business’ performance down. It is important to protect your legal interests by always having the advice of an attorney when trying to fix issues like these within your company. In many cases, even if you have in-house counsel, you may need independent counsel to represent you during some of these issues. If you do not have in-house counsel, our lawyers can also represent your business entity in legal disputes. This is especially helpful for smaller businesses that may not be able to hire their own, permanent in-house counsel.

External disputes are the other big area of difficulty for many businesses. Especially if your business frequently signs contracts with other companies or individuals, these contracts may come under fire. For some companies, sales contracts and similar agreements are the cornerstone of the business. Having your form agreements periodically reviewed by an attorney, or using a business lawyer as in-house counsel to review these kinds of contracts can help improve your business’ contracts and help protect it.

Business Dispute Resolution

It is important for any business to plan for disaster. Having contracts that protect your interests, employee agreements that limit your risk, and strong business plans is important. However, writing these documents to cope with future issues is also vital. Even the best legal minds cannot predict all issues, and it important to draft agreements in a way that plans for how these issues will be resolved and what methods to use.

Many times, arbitration or some other out-of-court negotiations are your best option. Our lawyers can represent your business in front of mediators, arbiters, or opposing counsel to help fight for your company’s interests. Even if you are already locked in a dispute, our attorneys may be able to help. We can meet with opposing counsel on your behalf to negotiate contract revisions, settlements, and other potential solutions for your disputes.

For disputes between your company and your employees, we may be able to help. California’s high minimum wage laws and strict employee benefit rules can be difficult for many small business owners to navigate. Our attorney can help you understand the rules and apply them correctly. If you do run into issues with employees, our lawyers can help you negotiate those disputes and protect your business from unjustified accusations.

Disputes between the government and a business are also very common. With issues of compliance with environmental standards, employer rules, revenue reporting, taxation, and other issues, our lawyers may be able to help.

Roseville and Sacramento Corporate Attorneys

For a free consultation on your business law needs, contact our Sacramento business lawyers today. Our attorneys have experience handling business law needs on behalf of corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and other entities. Contact NewPoint Law Group, LLP, today for a deeper understanding of the services we offer and a free consultation with our attorneys. Our number is 800-358-0305.

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Your business deserves a legal partner that not only understands your current needs but is also equipped to evolve with you. NewPoint Law Group is ready to be that partner, ensuring that at every milestone, your legal foundation is as robust and forward-thinking as your business itself.

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