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For many people, the purchase or sale of real estate is something they hope to go through only a few times, at most, in their life. Therefore it comes as no surprise that many people are unfamiliar with the process and intimidated by the large amount of money involved in the typical real estate transaction. Clients of this type should be pleased to know that we are comfortable working with individual purchasers and we are always happy to explain a difficult or unclear concept or option.

Furthermore, as real estate attorneys, we are also proud to work with a number of commercial real estate companies and property management organizations. For clients of this type, the NewPoint Law Group, LLP, can provide professional, efficient, and strategic legal guidance for a broad array of legal issues involved in a real estate transaction.

To schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your needs and how we can assist call 800-358-0305 or contact us online today.

Attorneys Handle Real Estate Transactions and Contracts

The NewPoint Law Group, LLP, can represent buyer, sellers, landlords, tenant, agents, and brokers in real estate transactions. We understand that while the basic mechanics behind real estate transactions remain the same or similar, the motivating factors and purposes for the transaction are unique.

We can assist with issues concerning the purchase of an individual home. Potential issues involving this type of transaction can include inspection issues, problems due to mold or other damage, and issues with the foundation. We can advise a potential purchaser about potential ways to meet these challenges.

If your real estate concern is commercial in nature, we can provide strategic guidance regarding a number of potential problems in the negotiation process:

  • Negotiating the commercial real estate transaction – The starting point for any negotiation is we first work to understand the needs and goals of our client. Once goals and purposes for the transaction have been set forth, we can discuss potential strategies and approaches you may take. We then negotiate aggressively and strategically to accomplish your goals.

  • Drafting the commercial real estate transaction agreement – Once the parties have agreed on a set of terms, they can work independently or collaboratively to draft a contract.

  • Reviewing the commercial real estate transaction agreement – After the contract has been drafted, it must be reviewed. An experienced attorney can work to ensure that the contract you sign accurately represents the deal you believe you will be receiving. Spending ample time on this step can reduce the likelihood of litigation of contractual issues.

  • Executing the commercial agreement – Unless the contract is properly executed and recorded properly, the transaction will be left open to future litigation by the other party or by a third party.

We work to ensure that individuals and businesses alike experience a smooth, problem-free transaction that insulates them from foreseeable future litigation. However, in some instances problems are unforeseeable. In other circumstances, the other party may not have been working in good faith. In circumstances like these, you may need to turn to a court of law to enforce your rights.

Attorneys Can Handle Real Estate Disputes and Litigation

Sometimes, despite the best efforts of all parties, unforeseen circumstances and problems can arise that throw an entire deal into jeopardy. While our priority is to avoid circumstances of this type, sometimes the only way to protect your or your company’s rights, goals, and bottom line is to engage in the litigation process. Our firm is equipped to assist with disputes including:

  • Broker disputes

  • Property boundary disputes

  • Title examinations

  • Lease disputes

  • Quiet title actions

  • Inheritance of property

  • Probate

  • Encumbrances

  • Voluntary liens and involuntary liens

  • Quitclaim deeds

  • Lis pendens

  • Judicial foreclosure and non-judicial foreclosure

  • Conveyances

  • Subletting and assignment concerns

Our experienced attorneys can assist with many of the problems that can arise during a real estate transaction. Furthermore, we are also equipped to deal with problems caused by an unruly or contractually non-compliant residential or commercial tenant.

Rely on a Sacramento Real Estate Attorney Today

The NewPoint Law Group, LLP, is dedicated to providing high-quality, professional, and committed counsel for real estate sales, purchases, and all other transfers and transactions. We can also stand up for you or your business and advocate for your personal, financial, or commercial interests. To schedule a private legal consultation at our Sacramento office, call 800-358-0305 today or contact us online.

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