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Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Services

Navigating the Challenges of ERC Claims with Expert Legal Guidance

The recent IRS crackdown on improper and fraudulent Employee Retention Credit (ERC) claims poses significant business challenges. At NewPoint Law Group, we specialize in supporting businesses through every stage of their lifecycle, particularly in complex tax law areas like the ERC.

Assistance with Withdrawal and Disclosure Programs

If your business needs to rectify an inaccurate ERC claim, we can guide you through the IRS's withdrawal and disclosure programs. Our team will help you understand the implications of each option and assist with the necessary documentation and submission processes.

Defense Against IRS Audits and Legal Action

Facing an IRS audit or legal action over an ERC claim can be daunting. Our law firm stands ready to defend your business, offering expert representation, preparing necessary documentation, and advising on the best legal strategies.

Comprehensive ERC Claim Review and Validation

Our experienced team of tax lawyers and tax professionals thoroughly reviews and validates your ERC claims. We understand the nuances of tax laws and will ensure your claim complies with IRS standards, minimizing the risk of disallowed claims and financial liabilities.

Guidance on ERC Compliance and Eligibility

Understanding the complex eligibility criteria for the ERC is crucial. We offer detailed guidance and analysis to determine if your business legitimately qualifies for the ERC, helping you avoid the submission of erroneous claims.

Preventing Misleading ERC Claims

In an environment rife with aggressive marketing and misinformation, we educate our clients on the legitimate criteria for ERC claims. Our firm advises on best practices for engaging with promoters and tax professionals, ensuring informed decisions based on sound legal and tax advice.

Connect with our Team of Tax Lawyers and Professionals

At NewPoint Law Group, we are committed to providing the highest level of legal support for businesses navigating the complexities of the ERC. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business with ERC-related challenges.

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Connect with an Attorney

Your business deserves a legal partner who understands your current needs and is equipped to evolve with you. NewPoint Law Group is ready to be that partner, ensuring that your legal foundation is as robust and forward-thinking at every milestone as your business itself.

Create, Grow, and Protect Your Business with NewPoint Law Group

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