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Employee Retention Credit Voluntary Disclosure Program

Navigate the Complexities of ERC Voluntary Disclosure with Our Seasoned Tax Law Team

At NewPoint Law Group, we specialize in guiding businesses through the complexities of the IRS's Employee Retention Credit Voluntary Disclosure Program. Our experienced legal team, equipped with deep knowledge and understanding of tax law, is committed to helping your business understand your rights, responsibilities, and potential opportunities under this program. We ensure your business avoids potential penalties and complies with the latest IRS regulations and guidelines.

What is the Employee Retention Credit Voluntary Disclosure Program?

The ERC Voluntary Disclosure Program is an initiative by the IRS designed for businesses that have mistakenly claimed the Employee Retention Credit. It's a critical tool for avoiding severe penalties and possible criminal charges arising from unintentional misfiling or erroneous claims. Our attorneys offer detailed insights into the program's nuances, helping you understand its implications for your business.

Who is Eligible for the Program?

Businesses that have erroneously received credits or refunds under the ERC and are not currently under criminal investigation or an employment tax examination for the relevant periods may be eligible. Our team thoroughly reviews your business’s tax history and ERC claims to determine eligibility. We consider all aspects of your business operations and tax filings, ensuring a comprehensive eligibility assessment.

When Should You Apply for the ERC Voluntary Disclosure Program?

Interested employers must submit their applications by March 22, 2024, to be considered for this vital opportunity. This program offers a significant benefit: if accepted, you must repay only 80% of the ERC you previously received, easing the financial burden on your business. Don't miss this critical chance to rectify your ERC claims and reduce your repayment obligations.

How We Can Help Your Business

Detailed Assessment and Eligibility Verification

We meticulously analyze your case to assess your eligibility for the Voluntary Disclosure Program, considering all relevant IRS regulations and business-specific factors.

Strategic Application Filing and Documentation

Our attorneys assist in preparing and submitting comprehensive applications and supporting documents, ensuring accuracy, completeness, and compliance with IRS requirements.

Comprehensive Guidance Through Each Step

From understanding the impact on your tax obligations to adjusting employment tax records, we provide thorough guidance at every stage.

Post-Resolution Compliance and Advisory

Our services extend beyond the immediate resolution. We offer ongoing advice and strategies to ensure your business complies with tax laws and IRS regulations.

Why Choose Newpoint Law Group to Guide Your Business Through the ERC Voluntary Disclosure Program

Our attorneys bring extensive experience and specialized knowledge in tax law, with a particular focus on IRS programs and policies. We recognize that each business's situation is unique. Our solutions are customized to meet your specific needs and objectives. Our track record of successfully assisting businesses with complex tax issues, including the ERC Voluntary Disclosure Program, speaks to our reliability and expertise. We are committed to ongoing support throughout your case, from the initial consultation to the resolution.

Ready for a Consultation?

Don't let the complexities of the ERC Voluntary Disclosure Program overwhelm your business. Contact NewPoint Law Group today for a comprehensive consultation. Our experts are ready to provide the legal support your business needs to navigate this challenging landscape confidently. Contact us at (916) 724-1700 or complete our online contact form to get started.

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