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When Can You Begin Filing 2019 Taxes in California?

It is never too early to begin preparing your finances to file your taxes. Filing your taxes can be a time-consuming and stressful process, but it is best to prepare early to avoid any surprises later. Additionally, if you prepare your taxes early, you will be able to file quickly once the 2019 tax season begins – and you may receive your tax refund earlier than others. If you or a family member needs assistance with filing 2019 taxes, which are impacted by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), you should consult with an experienced Roseville tax attorney. The lawyers at NewPoint Law Group, LLP are here to help you with all of your unique state and federal tax needs. In this article, our California tax attorneys explain when you can begin filing 2019 taxes.

When Does the 2019 Tax Season Start?

At this time, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has not yet announced when the 2019 tax season will begin. However, it may be possible to estimate when the tax season will begin. The tax season for the previous year began on January 29, 2018. This is six days later than the start of 2017’s tax season, which means it reasonable to expect the upcoming tax season will begin around these dates. The end of the tax season is typically mid-April.

One of the reasons the start of the 2019 tax season has not been announced yet is probably because the IRS is currently working on streamlining the Form 1040. The new Form 1040 is intended to replace the current Form 1040, Form 1040A, and the Form 1040EZ.

The new form consolidates all three types of the previous 1040s into a single document that is only half the size of the previous forms. The IRS has worked with the tax community to streamline the filing process for approximately 150 million taxpayers who need a tax preparation service to handle their taxes, or for those who do their own taxes. A draft of the new Form 1040 is available to help taxpayers know what to expect once tax season begins.

It is important to note that some accounting firms and tax preparers begin advertising and offering their services before the tax season begins. Completing your taxes with one of these services does not mean that your taxes will be filed early. Tax preparers still need to wait until the tax season begins to file your taxes. However, using a professional accountant or lawyer to begin your taxes before the season begins will help you get a head start on the filing process and allow you to get your tax refund sooner, where applicable.

Preparing to File Your 2019 Taxes in California

One of the first factors to consider when planning your 2019 taxes whether your filing status has changed since you filed last year. A change of your filing status could be for any of the following reasons:

  1. You have a child or will have a child

  2. You are taking on another individual who will be dependent on you

  3. You are married or are planning to get married before the end of the year

  4. You and your spouse are getting divorced

If you were unhappy with the tax refund you received last year, or if you would prefer to receive more of your paycheck, you may consider altering your tax withholdings. Decreasing your tax withholdings will mean you would have more money over the course of the year. However, if you are not careful, you may end up receiving a big tax bill or not receiving a tax return at all.

You should not think of filing your taxes as a once-a-year event. By staying on top of your spending over the entire year, you will have an easier time filing your taxes in winter or early spring. For example, you likely received dozens of receipts for deductible expenses throughout the year. Be sure to store these receipts in anticipation of tax season.

Additionally, if you are involved in small business tax planning in California or want to itemize your deductions, keeping track of your receipts is essential. You should also keep track of any charitable contributions, as this may entitle you to certain tax benefits.

Roseville Tax Attorneys Can File Your Return

If you need assistance handling your 2019 state or federal taxes, contact a knowledgeable tax lawyer for professional tax help you can trust. At NewPoint Law Group, LLP, our tax attorneys and CPAs have more than 25 years of tax experience, and will work diligently to help you efficiently file your state and federal returns. To schedule a free and confidential consultation to discuss your tax issues, call us at (800) 358-0305, or contact NewPoint online.

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